Printmaking Papers


A French mould-made paper for printmaking and commercial print. The paper is internally sized, 100% cotton and watermarked with four deckled edges. All sizes and weights are available in Blanc (White - VAB codes) Creme (Cream - VAC codes) and Noir (Black - VAN codes). The paper is acid free and calcium carbonate buffered. Velin Arches Blanc, standard quality specially made for us with two deckled edges and two cut edges, unwatermarked, otherwise the paper is the same in every respect as the above. Velin Arches Noir is a very deep, positively stygian Black. The 56 x 76 cm is obtained by cutting the 76 x 112 in half.

Special sizes of 400 gsm available on request. The 120 x 160 cm size is boxed in very strong boxes which allow them to be stored on their edge.
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